Trust as the Lifeblood of Organisations

Article 14 July 2018

Once in a while we invite clients and friends to gather to share learning, generate insights and socialise. It is a great way to share our practice and keep in touch with the wider leadership and OD community. We convened a meeting in Dublin to explore the role of trust in organisational effectiveness.  Participants included those with operational and strategic management responsibility and also people whose work focuses on developing organisational capability. All were keen to more deeply understand the role of trust in delivering key business outcomes such as digital transformation, rapid innovation and stronger employee engagement. To help with this we explored Trust from a philosophical perspective with Dr. Brennan Jacoby, from a psychological perspective with Dr. Lisa van der Werff and then from a practice perspective with Andrea Cusack sharing some quite practical tips to help build trust. This short video offers highlights and some of the key points of trust in organisational effectiveness:

For our part, we learned again, as if for the first time, amongst other things that

  • Trust is a dynamic relationship, and people build trust by ‘connecting to each other and to the work’
  • Organisations and the economy itself cannot function without trust; trust speeds things up; and psychological safety drives team performance
  • As leaders, to create trust and psychological safety we must engage as authentic human beings
Sheppard_Moscow_Headshots_056.jpg Andrea Cusack