Bee is at the heart of our dynamic Finance Team, whose role is to ensure best commercial practice is central to all our business engagements.  Primarily her role is to provide timely, accurate and relevant financial information – forming the basis of strategic decisions -  making and enabling smooth transactions between us and our clients. 

The responsibility of keeping the process moving between consultants and clients throughout the whole engagement is one which Bee relishes and is hugely passionate about, whilst inspiring others in the team. Engaging with people is one of Bee’s key strengths, proven through her strong client and colleague relations.  She plays a huge, important role in the business-to-business relationships with our clients. 

Bee embodies Sheppard Moscow’s relational approach. How she makes her clients feel attended and cared is truly remarkable. She is an excellent professional who demonstrates high integrity and strong client orientation. It is reassuring that your Finance people are as strong as your Consultants are in partnering with your clients.

Eiko Sato, Program Manager Talent Management, Leadership and Career Development
The World Bank Group, Human Resources

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