Igniting the Spirit of Vodafone in Leaders internationally

Discover how our Customer Experience (CX) Labs helped to deliver the customer promise

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We are delighted to share with you a showcase of our work with Vodafone to ignite the Spirit of Vodafone within Leaders and Teams across a range of markets. We have collaborated with our key Vodafone stakeholders to bring you an insight into the strategy behind this work, the approach and crucially, a number of leaders' experiences in moving to appreciative inquiry and experimentation, to enable them to create an even more customer-centric culture within the organisation. Discover the impact of these Customer Experience Labs and how they could transform leadership culture in your own organisation.

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Read more about the principles and practice behind Appreciative Inquiry and Experimentation.


We look at how large enterprises can embrace a culture of innovation, starting with leaders

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Global people trends in technology

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The new frontier of leadership is the ability to maintain operational performance and at the same time innovate and transform, holding the two polarities concurrently, without the tendency to lurch from one thing to the another.


From a leadership perspective, growing and sustaining a culture Customer-centricity is not simply about having a laser focus on the customer experience; but creating a platform for innovation and change created from the ground up.  

Talent paradox

In large, complex organisations, we are presented with many paradoxes - and one in particular. The need for agility and change from the organisation yet the importance of belonging amd consistency within the employee eco-system.

New leadership

Leaders today require the ability to deal in complexity with systemic issues in interdependent ways. This takes leadership to a whole new level, a new way of thinking and acting. 

Organisational transformation. Made human.

We use powerful models and methods, and we work with the specific contexts of organisations and their business dynamics to understand their challenges and goals, and focus on the human dynamics at their heart.

Because this is what drives lasting change.