Aoife’s natural empathy, coupled with her deep insight into human psychology, enables her to identify blind spots - and connect the dots - for her clients. 

At the heart of her work is the desire to help people, teams and organisations to be better than they thought possible. Her practice has focused on enabling organisations to nurture their people in a way that supports the business strategy as well as individual and team growth. Having held in-house organisation development and HR roles before her move into consulting, she has gained insight into a broad range of organisational cultures and worked with leaders at all levels. Clients value her empathetic and pragmatic approach as well as her ability to identify and impact substantive business goals through the work.  

It is challenging [in the current Covid-19 crisis] but lots of people are stepping up to the plate. I do think we really are reaping the benefit of the work we have done with you now. I don’t think we would be working as well as we are, without it

Bernie Cullinan, Director
Crest Solutions

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